A Tricky Undertaking - Beat the Wheat!
9:47 AM

Ok. If you know me at all, you know how I like my carbs: whole wheat, and lots of 'em. I would estimate that my daily meal breakdown includes at least some form of wheat or grain in each meal, and snacks on top of that. Breads. Cereal. OATMEAL! And we can't leave out my kryptonite: pasta. I love my carbs.

So welcome to my latest challenge: after months of tummy trouble and an interesting trip to the urgent care clinic, I've decided to take a month off from my carb-heavy friends. That's right, you heard me: GLUTEN FREE. I cringed at the thought of undertaking such a drastic diet change (for my lifestyle, personally) but with the benefits staring me in the face, I couldn't say no. So what is left for me? Lots and lots of veggies, meat (I'm not a vegetarian, as much as I'd love to be), fruits, beans, etc. What's missing? Bread, pasta, oatmeal, pizza, cookies, cake, wraps, muffins, and hopefully, I'll be missing my daily tummy troubles and 2pm carb coma. If those last two things are never to be seen again, consider me a converted.

Today marks the first day of my gluten free challenge. I'm aiming to try out the lifestyle (notice I didn't call it a diet? I hate the word diet. It reeks of unhealthy restriction; I'm simply swapping my wheat-heavy staples for other fiber friends instead) for the month of February, and if all goes well, as far into the future as possible. I'm starting today, January 28th, because it's a Monday. There is no way that I will attempt to start a new food plan on a Friday, February 1st. I'm not jumping onto any gluten-free replacements just yet, as I wanna totally break my habit of oatmeal breakfasts and cracker binges after lunch. Eventually I'll be able to reintroduce some wheat products once and a while, but for now, it's cold turkey (or cold oatmeal, really).

I believe I can do this! I have to say that because it's going to be difficult. Tracking through my average day, it's scary how much of each meal I've devoted to the gluten gods. It's also wildly apparent how dependent I am on the routine of my eating habits; simply walking through the grocery store last night induced a minor panic attack over the potential loss of my Premium Plus crackers and morning oatmeal. How has it gotten to the point where what I eat dictates every aspect of my life? I'm hoping by taking out this carby component of my day, I can come to a point where my food choices don't control my day, or my conscience.

I'll keep you posted, folks! (And if anyone has any helpful tips, you know I'll take 'em. I've been googling like it's my job and I'm following a few recipe blogs and gluten free goddesses to ease the transition.)



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