sunny sunday, according to instagram
12:57 AM

so many updates, so little time...

...and so many of those updates will fly at you soon! Until then, here's a taste of the gorgeous weather we've been having, and the first touch of spring making my heart skip a beat. 

(And yes, I have acquired an iPhone! So expect lots of those quick snaps to see the world through my eager eyes.)


Let's talk about...
12:23 AM


Yeah, you heard me. The highs, the lows, the jitters and the gulps. From the gourmet to the gritty, one little bean can go a long way to making your day complete.

I've been around the block. I've tried the green tea fad, and seldom go to sleep without having a nice, warm, honey-sweetened orange pekoe to drift me off to dreamland (caffeinated or not; head hits the pillow and I'm out). But as much as I stray, the only vice that gets me through the thick and thin is my hot, rich, coffee companion.

It's impossible to avoid the fad of coffee, though. You know what I'm talking about. The coffee in hand as you stroll through a store. Coffee in hand as you walk through the park. Coffee in hand in class, before the gym, after the gym, and best of all, at yoga (not spilling a drop as you downward dog towards the floor, I might add). It's trendy! It's something to do with your hands to keep you sane when you run into that kind-of-friend from highschool. And don't get me started on the brand. That one paper cup takes you from commoner to socialite; and for the busy bee not wanting to stop and chat, the right coffee stop could take you to work that much faster (who wants to stop someone motoring with a tray of Starbucks in hand? Clearly you're on a mission). But you can't deny that warm feeling that travels through your body, both literally and metaphorically, when you are holding that cup of sweet (or not so sweet) nectar. 

So why am I talking about coffee like I'm its campaign manager? Well lately I've been incredibly self-reflective. And I couldn't help but notice a trend. This one little thing gets me through the day, gives me ample options for dates with friends, and boosts my productivity like I'm a wind up toy let loose. I've been trying to find things in my life that brighten the dark corners, and turns out, coffee is one of those things. So why not do a photoshoot and write a blog post about it? 

Excellent work, little bean.  

Photo © Hilary Spencer Creative Photography

find your bliss
11:12 PM

Oh hey there! Yes, it's been a while. I've been shooting! And shooting, and shooting... and shooting. I'm working towards the finale of my University education, the Guelph-Humber Senior Class Portfolio show, eXposure on March 20th. I've got nothing where I want it to be in terms of readiness, quality of work, and simply general proud-ness of what I'm going to be displaying... so continue to shoot I shall.

Oh, and while I was doing that, I also photographed my very first wedding! You've gotta start somewhere, and I was blessed to work with the most incredibly kind (and hilarious!) couple and their wonderful family. Photos will surely follow, and you'll get a keen sense of the comediennes I spent the day with.

Part of the wedding package I worked with for the couple was an on-site green screen, in which guests chose the background to be swapped in behind them, and the images were printed with a "Thank you for celebrating our special day!" overlay and put immediately into frames to take home. My fantastic assistant Josh Mahoney was the captain of that ship, and we decided to do a run-through before the wedding. Of course, two crazy photographers in one room, and the madness ensued. We both got some sweet new display photos out of the ordeal though!

Part of the extensive line of shooting I've been doing is for classwork as well, and a good friend helped out with a shoot one night in the wonderful location of my upstairs bathroom. Adam was a little confused as to why two girls ran upstairs and spent an hour in the bathroom together laughing... but we'll leave that one up to his imagination.

I have one month left of my final year of University. My final due date for all assignments is March 30th, and my convocation is June 18th. The big two year anniversary (I know right, only two years?!) for Adam and I comes around May 26th, so this girl is getting as far away from here as possible for at least a week (toes in the sand perhaps? Adam can come too.) I have a mountain to climb before I get there (and have I mentioned I've been going to the gym? These legs can climb!), but the view from the top will be well worth it.