12:23 PM

A sneak peek at my life lately, in square format.

 A new post coming soon featuring these guys, the cutest couple I've worked with to date (but I don't play favourites!)

 Good friends of ours were married at the end of August, and I was one of the lucky bridesmaids rockin' it with the polka dots.

Getting nostalgic looking through hilarious old photos of the fam (featuring a brand-new Toto 13 years ago, and long lost Sam, my aunt's late yellow lab)

 Briefly got to see this guy  on the stupidest day of the year: back to school, downtown. Never ever ever (ever!) will I drive downtown at the beginning of September. Ever.

You had me at impulse buy: I jump started the festive decorations and went all martha on our dining room. I forgot to get these guys last year; there was none of that this time around.

Speaking of which, it's coming up on one year in the house. This year went by so quickly it's not even funny... I graduated, Adam and I overcame some crazy shenanigans, and I met one someone who would quickly turn out to be one of my closest friends:

 AND. Fall is coming. Fall is COMING. FALL IS COMING.

All around... let's get 'er done.