12 in 12 - Resolutions in a new light
1:14 AM

 And now for something completely different....

Thinking of what to do for this year's bound-to-be-broken new years resolution, I thought I'd take a more practical approach. So I've come up with a new goal list instead, one goal per month throughout 2013. Stay tuned for the actual goals (they'll need some brainstorming) but I'm stoked to welcome anyone who wants to join me with a more practical tradition this year. Let the goal ship sail!

Office progress! Keeping you entertained (or filling in the gap between shoots)
12:40 AM

This one time, I painted a room.

This room used to be orange. Kudos on the colour, but for a photographer's office... not so much.
I then added furniture.
Such lonely furniture. Good start, but not enough.
Slowly but surely things started to come together. Rio used to reside under here:
And now resides on here.
The couch isn't pretty... but will do for the price of FREE.
Today I finally bit the bullet and purchased a better monitor (can't just go out and buy a mac tower yet).  This is my new setup, according to instagram:

The space is really starting to come together, and as -soon- as it doesn't look like a bomb went off.. I'll present the office in all it's glory.

Until then, I'll just keep channeling my inner Martha.

It's going to be great, I can feel it.


winter chill
11:15 PM

This song needs to be shared with the blogosphere. It warms my heart every year around this time, and whether good or bad my memories attached to this melody flood back to me every time I hear it. At least two years now I've listened to Winter Song for the full month of December and beyond, alone or with others, and I can't help but force y'all to hear it too.

 There's something about this time of year. Yes, the commercial hype of the holiday season is jammed down our throats with little room left after eggnog and candy canes, but the world changes. It shifts. There is a subtle change that tickles my senses and makes me think positively no matter what is happening around me. Something about the chill in the air and the crunch on the ground makes me yearn for that mug of tea (or coffee, or cocoa) and a warm hand to hold. I'm a sucker for the romanticized holiday season, but this year something is very different. Without the stresses of school I can, for once, appreciate the holidays without looming fear of deadlines and marks (granted work provides that stress, without written academic record, at least). I can finally breathe in the chill without rushing to class, decorate the house without procrastinating an essay (just photo editing), and smile without the hidden frown for what is hiding beyond the academic semester.

I feel like time has slowed just enough to let me savour the season, and there has got to be a rule instated that each household have a pet in attendance for the holidays. Something about his little nose (growing bigger) on my hand and his warmth next to me slows down my heartbeat enough to really take everything in. A dog's life is a steady cacophony of unbearable joy towards his humans, and I can't help but be thankful that I get to share my monotonous day to day happenings with not only the love of my life, but the new part of my life I didn't know I could love this much. 

To those breathing in the chill, or soaking in the sun, I hope your December beginning is heartwarming and light. Keep smiling, friends.