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4:36 PM

Officially sick of being sick.


Today in Basic Studio Techniques, we learned how to scan an image onto your computer.

i feel like i'm essentially being held back from what i want to do.

i'm not learning things. yes, some people clearly need to learn these simple practices. but jesus. it's a bit much, i'm paying to learn "Basic Studio Techniques" not how to plug an epson scanner into my laptop.

Is it too much to ask that i get something out of my classes? I'm paying mucho moneys for them. i've bought the equipment (which i'm realizing now, wasn't even necessary at this point. i could've gotten by with my rebel. it wouldn't have been fun, and i'm obviously in love with my d300, but i could've waited until it was easier to afford, seeing as my family is now epically broke with all the random spending they've helped with). i've turned down other programs for this one. this was supposed to be it: the perfect fit, essentially the best choice out there for me. and now i'm realizing... maybe it's not.

i get by with the shoots that i do on my own. a friend recently told me i'm learning more doing my own stuff than i'm learning in class. this is epically true, and it's sad that i'm paying so much money to go out on my own and teach myself. i'm paying for the paper, at the end of the day, and it seems so far away at this point that i'm not sure it's worth it anymore.

i know it is.
at this point, i'm getting antsy.
i'm sick of being told to wait till second year, that it'll pick up.
i dont want to place bets on that.
because who knows.

oh, and on a minor note, if someone could tell my ammune system to suck it up and kick back in, that'd be great. thnx.


Miles said...

If this is just your first year, I'd sit tight and wait it out. Being impatient never got anyone anywhere.

You have to understand that education is a process which takes time and relies on strong fundamentals to build upon. If all freshmen was sick of doing things they'd already done out of class to the point where they considered giving up, there wouldn't be upperclassmen.

Don't dig your heels in and try to see fault in what the teachers are doing. Some people are kind of retarded and need to have their hands held through how to handle their equiptment. If you aren't among them (and it's clear that you're not), just wait until next year when you're asked to apply some of the things you're likely to learn later this year. Or maybe you've already learned new things and just haven't mentioned them or realized it.

And if you're truly unhappy with the program and it really is so god-awful you could never learn anything new from it, just drop out now and save yourself the wasted money. Otherwise, just keep an open mind and try to take everything in stride.

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