take off
9:43 AM

take off by hilaryspencer

take off by hilaryspencer on Flickr.

11:53 PM


good friends, good food, and a photoshoot I'm dying to show off. but not just yet.

April 23rd and the forecast calls for snow.
4:55 PM

so naturally, I did some baking. I'd been craving something lemony all morning, and with a bit of searching found this great recipe.

If you know me, you know I'm all about the healthy versions of your usual "cheating" desserts and treats. So between Chocolate Covered Katie, Skinny Taste, and the rest of the Googleverse... I'm obsessed.

They don't look as fluffy as the original recipe, but I'm quite over it. 

I've got so many updates to show but there is some epic wedding editing I've got to finish up, and then you'll see the whole nine yards of my last semester of University EVER. (Until I saddle up and attack my Masters).