on your marks...
11:48 PM

get set...

sneak peek.

ya'll can see the rest tomorrow.

Oh, and this no-cell-phone-camera business is driving me BATTY. It's like taking candy from a baby. Sad, depressing, and suddenly... my life is lacking something.

It's a test, if anything. My eyes have become accustomed to scan everyday life for colour, beauty, even giant messes; anything and everything photo-worthy. So without a quick draw of the iPhone, I'm forced to really take in the moment and enjoy it.. because it won't be uploaded for the world to see, but will simply stay in my own memory. In a way... it's refreshing. I've always known that life is gorgeously, seductively incredible, but knowing I can't simply snap and preserve it... I've gotta soak it up. 

But when that sun sets, man alive I would just love to post proof with the swipe of a finger. 

Until then, you've just gotta take my word for it.


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