the current lineup
10:52 PM

listening: Alt-J - Breezeblocks

loving: Pegboards for the home and office (courtesy of Martha & Apartment Therapy)

laughing: At my ridiculous dog who keeps me in stitches 99% of the time

life: Folks, don't eat Campbells vegetable soup if you are trying to go wheat free. Pesky little pasta letters foiled my gluten-free plans for lunch. (In other news, it's actually going really well! No crazy cravings, no headaches, no slip ups aside from the noodles. I'm finding I'm grabbing for way more sugar though, so that needs to be kept in check.)

last words: Check this out, if you're not in the middle of eating (if you are, back away from the plate and read at your own tummy's risk)

Photo Source (Mine)


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