Mind maggots and anxiety bubbles.
11:28 PM

When you've got something on your brain, it tends to worm its way out. The only way out is through, so of course it works its little mind maggot booty (mind maggot: a wonderful description by a good friend that is only fitting) in and out and around your everyday happenings until all of a sudden you're spitting out your quinoa stirfry on said good friend because the little guy has come out one of your ears.

Yes, this post is on change, but it's also going to dive into the topic of anxiety a little bit as well.

See folks, I'm finishing my last week at my current day job and embarking on a new one. This is an awesome opportunity and I am so welcome to the change that will ultimately come with the new job, and really, new lifestyle. I'll be a commuter. I'll be waking up before 9am and concocting creative lunch combinations after doing the dinner dishes. I will be going to sleep before midnight (or so I hope). It's gonna be an overhaul, but I'm looking forward to it. For the most part.

Once and a while, as I'm sure you've all experienced (and if you haven't, well dutty for you and your smooth sailing existence), we all tend to get bombarded by an anxiety bubble. It's like acid reflux of the mental variety, where that mind maggot you've been harboring has just left, and in his wake leaves behind a brewing bubble of anxiety. It starts low, somewhere between your toes and your belly, moving through your system until you have a shiver of something. A little chill of, hmm? What was that? Self-doubt? Insecurity? Worry and a general feeling of discontent? Yes, my friend, that is an anxiety bubble that is about to burst all over your quinoa, like I said. Or wait, was that the mind maggot? Both go hand in hand, and if you can picture it, let's just conclude that the maggots travel in bubbles like space ships of self deprecation.

Anyways. My maggots and bubbles have boiled over and I've had some wonderful worry a-happenin' about the new adventure. Again, I'm so incredibly excited that I can't contain myself, and I also happen to be a great big fan of change as it is oh-so-healthy and necessary. This time, however, I just happen to have some extra characters in my usual theatrical inner-workings.

I dove head-first into quotes about change, and good ol' Dostoevsky helped a sister out to say it best.  But, Mr. D, I'm going to take my step, utter my words (with my foot locked and loaded for a clean catapult into my mouth when needed) and take that fear and swallow it whole. Heck, the maggots need a snack, so lets give them some fear to nibble on while I'm busy gettin' my change on.


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