Obligatory "Happy Easter!!"
4:46 PM

From my Bunny, to yours.


the most absolutely finite and everlasting top five list I'll ever make, according to today's thumbtack in the timeline of my existence.
10:08 PM

Bet y'all thought I was dead or something.

I'll confess, it's been a while. It's been too long. I've missed the little shared moments of my life (to the small audience who actually reads my blog, whom I'm sure have moved on to the next big thing on YouTube). I've missed transcribing the tiny waves of excitement and anxiety coursing through my little existence. Welp, here I am! In one piece, and having the time of my life.

No jokes, folks.

So sorry for the long-winded title, but I wasn't sure how to put what I'd like to post tonight. I'm sitting here staring around my living room, taking stock. It's been long overdue that I make a permanent (or as permanent as the blogosphere can be) record of the amazing things I am so grateful to call my own after only 23 years chillin on the terra firma. Here' goes.