I'm baaaaaack...
9:00 PM

and I'm packin' the latest and greatest.

I feel like I've gone weeks without water, or a year in hibernation, or--

ok, I made do without a camera phone for a few weeks. Probably closer to a month. I survived, but barely.

The first thing I did, besides fondly stroking the box?

I took an obnoxiously happy photo with the FRONT-FACING CAMERA and sent it to the bf. 

I was just happy to be back, obviously.

So it's back to the Instagram universe for this chick...

Who may or may not be an official University and College graduate.


This was made by the fantastical baking goddess known as bf's mum Deb. And yes, it was Neapolitan inside AND out! (Recipe can be found here for the adventurous of the group).

I'm back, baby. With vengeance.


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