Time's just gonna hit on you
11:20 AM

Fucking genius.
Check it out.

Brittney's shoot.

Turning out to be a relatively good week.

Analyzing Bladerunner could be the death of me, not to mention the gazillions of things that are due the week before reading week... Basically getting raped by assignments and tests. Can't wait.

Oh. and check me out on facebook.
Just search for Hilary Spencer Creative Photography.
Gimee some love, considering i only have like 10 fans. baha.
Getting the gameplan together, planning my business.
Hopefully i can start making something of myself.

...and getting paid for it.

What to focus on
1:55 PM

What to focus on, originally uploaded by Marc Johns.

I can't remember where/how I found him, but marc johns is genius. Just throwing that out there.

That, and Williams Coffee is officially on my burn list.
Warm milk does not qualify as coffee.


12:54 AM

Originally uploaded by twistedelements
Sometimes I wonder why I bet on people.

I'm rediscovering Elliott Smith. Good Will Hunting was completely saturated with the soft singer's tracks, sounding vaguely like an older Simon and Garfunkel catering to the more indie youth of the 90's. Oh 90's music. But this shit is good. I want more.

I've also realized that my family's dynamic is completely foreign to the family systems set up in today's society. A family of 6, father working steadily, mother a stay-at-home mom, all kids happily enjoying their lives and having a great relationship with each other. To an extent. We're the fucking partridge family of the millennium. My closeness with my parents is just so off the map compared to every other person I've met throughout my life. Those who are lucky enough to still have two parents in tact have horrible relationships with them, if they speak to them at all.
Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining, or thinking that my family is better than your family - I'm just mulling over the fact that it's weird. It is genuinely weird to have an hour long phone call with my father where we talk about everything from movies to relationships to his new interest in steam-punking random household objects. (Haven't heard of steam-punk? Google it, my friend.) And even weirder to have a mother that I say I love you to every night, without fail, and mean it. We hug. We like seeing each other. Sure, we fight, but we're both so similar that we're over it the next day anyways.
This is weird for the 21st century. To not be a child of divorce has me looking at my own relationships more indepthly, putting me under the microscope to see if that's what I'm looking for in a companion (i HATE that word, but it's fitting) or if I'm trying my hardest to run away from the picture perfect Pleasantville canvas we've been painting for 20 years. I'd like to think I'd want that one day. But four kids in this economic state? No thanks.

It's fun to analyze.
One of these days I should stop thinking so much.

this is the lie to save your life
4:59 PM

This is a rant.

I'm obsessed with flickr. It's obvious. Views, comments, it's addicting... and of course, the main goal as always, is to reach that proverbial EXPLORE. front page is the be-all, end-all... anywhere else is pretty damn great as well.

But I keep opening the front page of flickr and finding the most.... peculiar images.

I'm sorry, but front page, to me, seems like a showcase for some of the most interesting, thought provoking, and all around deserving photographs taken recently. Opening the page to find snapshots and images taken in haste without any effort leave me sitting in my broken desk chair thinking "WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!?!?!"

I understand Interestingness is a simple program, not true human thought picking the best photographs of the week.


I feel I've seen so many streams of photos that are outrageously worthy of explore, if not the front page. It just bothers me to see so many work so hard, and have their work not seen. To be overshadowed by a haphazard photograph with very little effort put into it is just insulting.

I may be bitter. Yes. I have never been explored. But I'm also a horrible flickr participant: I creep. Hardcore. I comment on occasion, and I'm getting much better at the whole game, but I don't participate as much as others. So fair enough.

But that leads me to wonder how much these other front-pagers participate.

One day.
Front page.
It'll happen.
There will be a deserving photograph.
Maybe not mine.
But then I'll stop complaining.


little life
3:24 PM

little life, originally uploaded by twistedelements.

What a loss to spend that much time with someone, only to find out that [he's] a stranger.

I forgot how much I loved Eternal Sunshine.


my outer defences
9:36 PM

my outer defences, originally uploaded by twistedelements.

when did it become fashionable to stab a knife in your significant other's back and twist it enthusiastically to the rhythm of horrible elevator music?

..ok the elevator music bit was random but you get the idea.

i dont think i've felt so betrayed in all my life.
putting trust in someone suddenly seems like an idiotic practice.


she was disarming
2:42 AM

she was disarming, originally uploaded by twistedelements.

"Deception is brutal, I'm not pretending otherwise."

I have always said I'll put up with a lot, but hold a zero-tolerance policy for cheating.

I just never thought that it would come to that.

Here's to 2009 beginning with an ending.


past and present
10:07 PM

past and present, originally uploaded by twistedelements.

Alright guys.


I'm a Canon chick. always have been. I currently shoot with a rebel, and i've absolutely loved it. I have a powershot somethingorother (here i claim i love canon yet can't remember their model numbers. tsk.) that has gotten me some pretty sharp shots in difficult situations. i even have a canon printer staring back at me as i type this.


i'm currently in university studying photography, and they require Nikon.


I'm making the switch.

Do i need to be frightened? I'm upping to the D300, which is a HUGE difference i've been told, and i held one for 2.3 milliseconds and it was just so pretty... i was pretty sure that i was converted to the dark side, but my prof today said he really wasn't a fan of nikon even though he recommended it - "Simplicity." and its true. anyone who's anyone uses nikon, or so i'm told. But he prefers canon, better colour. even though he owns... bah dum bum... a D300 himself.

Basically I'd love to know what I'm up against.

I definitely need to rob a bank to afford all that i need for this course... and ideas on cheap money savers too??



pause the tragic ending
3:48 AM

pause the tragic ending, originally uploaded by twistedelements.

Of two things I am sure about myself:
1. I am in love with brick. And take pictures against it any chance I get.
2. I am currently OBSESSED with textures. Obsessed.

This too shall pass.

Ahhhh sinus infections officially SUCK.
ever felt like your eyes were being suctioned out of your face?!?!
ohhhh the pressure's on.


can you feel this
8:08 PM

can you feel this, originally uploaded by twistedelements.

New year, new blog.

And brand-spanking new header!!! woooo!

Hopefully everyone's new year's eve went over smoothly.
I spent it in bed, taking out stocks in kleenex and tylenol cold and watching Burn After Reading.

Brad Pitt attempting to be someone other than Brad Pitt... definitely the highlight.