Office progress! Keeping you entertained (or filling in the gap between shoots)
12:40 AM

This one time, I painted a room.

This room used to be orange. Kudos on the colour, but for a photographer's office... not so much.
I then added furniture.
Such lonely furniture. Good start, but not enough.
Slowly but surely things started to come together. Rio used to reside under here:
And now resides on here.
The couch isn't pretty... but will do for the price of FREE.
Today I finally bit the bullet and purchased a better monitor (can't just go out and buy a mac tower yet).  This is my new setup, according to instagram:

The space is really starting to come together, and as -soon- as it doesn't look like a bomb went off.. I'll present the office in all it's glory.

Until then, I'll just keep channeling my inner Martha.

It's going to be great, I can feel it.


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