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had a close-to heart attack tonight.
a) took the camera out of the bag, and my 50mm 1.8 fell. onto the floor. stomach dropped.
b) picked up lens; the drop was barely an inch off the ground, but my heart pained as if it were my child. and it's only a 1.8! imagine if i dropped the damn 1.4..
c) immediately tested lens, and got the fEE error. my stomach, if possible, dropped further.
d) googled like i'd never googled before, and realized that my aperture was not set to the default.
e) fixed, replaced stomach, shot my birthday present from my mumma.
f) lesson: generally speaking, don't be me.


What's In My Bag, Spencer in the summer edition.
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We've got the goods.
I was cleaning out my purse, and figured it was probably about
time I got around to doing one of these, seeing as I love shuffling through the gazillions of shots of other people's stuff. Weird? I'd like to think it's more an interest in human behaviour. Ish.

One of the best scents for summer I have probably had in a long long time, Forever Sunshine from Bath and Body Works can honestly brighten my mood in one spritz. A heavenly mixture of "vanilla bean gelato", freesia, and sparkling top notes of "juicy tangerine, golden apricot" and "exotic berries", this body spray (which comes from a family of lotions and a body wash) will brighten your day and push your senses to sandy shores in the sun.

Staples of my existence. Key to house, attached to a key-chain comprised of a Nemo charm circa 2004, a Henry's lens cleaner (always a necessity), and a 2 gig flash drive that needs a new 4 gig mate. Besides that, my favourite, FAVOURITE pen (yes, I know you all have favourite pens too, don't make fun) the Sharpie Fine Point Pen, that probably comes in other colours but is a wiz to write with and has such a nice finish to everyday notes and doodles. Often sitting with my red Moleskine notebook, but not today apparently.

Another group of essentials, beginning with the only toothbrush I'll buy. The Colgate [insert proper product name here] vibrating brush, always in pink, packaged in twos for convenience. Cheap and cute and always necessary in one's purse for those unexpected overnight stays ;) Lady Speed Stick, because life tends to get a little sticky, and Annabelle compact powder because my face is always in need of touch ups. Last but not at all least, Rimmell Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel in Steel Grey, my new favourite (not necessarily summery but still prominent) nail colour that is permanently residing on my toes. Always necessary for touch ups, especially when work shoes kill my feet and toes.

My wonderful, $12 fake Ray Bans from Walmart. Probably the best sunglasses I've owned to date. Don't be fooled by the Versace case... I had Versace prescription glasses for years, and finally got new ones (Guess brand) but hated the case they came in. Thus the Versace case stays. Cleaning cloth a must for any wearer of glasses, and hair ties for hot sticky days when my hair drives me nuts.

Probably one of my favourite pieces that I've ever owned, wallet circa god knows when, from my Nana. Legit vintage, I scrounged it from her things after she passed, things she left to our family, and it makes me so happy to have a piece of her with me wherever I go.

Finally, the bag. My $15 Old Navy crazy find of life. I've had this bag now for... oh... 3 years? Give or take. And it's been a rock in my busy, hectic, ridiculously scattered day to day life. It fits a 15 inch Macbook Pro, books, clothes, and anything else that I need to stow away in something other than a gaudy duffel bag. It's classy without being outdated, inexpensive without being cheap, and a lifesaver all packed into one cute black bag.

Things I missed/didn't talk about until now: My life, aka my Blackberry Bold. It's a newborn, only a couple of weeks old, and it's already permanently attached to my person. It keeps me organized and in touch with the world and beyond, and I'm incredibly happy to finally have made the move up to a smartphone. Also, the white chapstick: Chapstick Vanilla Mint, unable to be bought at Walmart anymore, only PharmaPlus on occasion. Used so much the wrapper has evaporated into the depths of my purse, it's the only Chapstick I swear by, and the only thing that keeps my horribly dry lips nice and smooth, even through a long shift of schmoozing and boozing at Jack Astors (for those out of the loop, I'm a server).

I do believe that's it, and hopefully my purse will be exploding with new goodies in the future.... car keys, perhaps? We'll see. For now... at least I'm organized. Cheers!

it's hilary, new hat edition.

mmmmm new fresh purchases.
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Half-price monday at VV ftw.

I'll say this once, and once only
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what in the F*CK is it with us Spencer's and our exes writing blogs about us?

we're not that great. get over it.
and what will your legacy be...?

editing photos till the wee hours of the morning ftw.
stoked on starting work again next week though.
and stoked on a solid summer of shooting.
this will be the summer of photography.
...and vampire diaries.
reruns, until the fall.

this one time.. i had an amazingly hip / awesome / unknowingly stylish Nana that had some pretty rad clothing. it makes it that much more awesome that I know it was hers.. and not some random's from value village. i feel less creepy, and more sentimental.. and i'd like to think she would be impressed.

in other news.. i'm hiking my ass back up to the Rex for a dinner with one Samantha Penney and friends. pictures to follow eventually.

five words.
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but seriously though.
so good.
mildly obsessed.
next week can't come soon enough.

don't tear me down
4:42 PM

fun fact.

It is officially my summer vacation.. and I cannot think of a better way to spend it than blogging my life away, don't you?

For anyone wondering, I'm primarily on Tumblr for random photography reblogging and such. But this blog is officially ONLY FOR MY OWN WORK. so hopefully you'll be seeing more of that soon.. the Flickr is a primo location incase the blog is behind.

another fun fact: kicked off the summer with an AMAZING night at LIGHTS and Owl City, with one Courtney Priester. the openers, Paper Route, were incredible. LIGHTS was amazing as per usual, even with the slip up during White. Really.. it just shows that she's human, just like the rest of us. I was epically impressed with Owl City live, considering it's primarily Adam Young at his synth and computer belting out songs into the wee hours of the morning to produce a record... but the show was INCREDIBLE. Live violinist, cello player, keyboardist, multiple percussionists.. I can't begin to express how incredibly impressed I was. Needless to say, if he (they?) are around again, and the tickets aren't too cheap.. I'm there.

My room is almost unpacked. it's taken literally 4 days straight of organizing, shuffling, cleaning, and throwing out useless garbage that I've accumulated all year to get to where I am right now, and i'm not even finished. It's a work in progress... I love my room, but really, I have too much stuff.

I think it's time for a life cleanse.

wrap your thoughts around me
2:36 PM

going back to the shwaaaa today.
let the fun ensue.


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i got tumblr'd.
and ko'd.
and forgot what it was like to actually have a BLOG, that doesn't REBLOG, and that doesn't zoom past you at warp speed so you absorb exactly 1% of every post you consume.

remember that time blogs actually filled people in on what was going on in other people's lives?

yeah, me neither.

but here's the attempt to revamp the blog-oh-sphere. I want to post more. I want to shoot more. but i need your help. kick me in the ass, make me hate you all, and MAKE ME PRODUCTIVE GODDAMNIT.

because really, what else is there if you can't do what you love on a regular basis.

ten bucks says no one reads this anyways, but it's worth a try.