past and present
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past and present, originally uploaded by twistedelements.

Alright guys.


I'm a Canon chick. always have been. I currently shoot with a rebel, and i've absolutely loved it. I have a powershot somethingorother (here i claim i love canon yet can't remember their model numbers. tsk.) that has gotten me some pretty sharp shots in difficult situations. i even have a canon printer staring back at me as i type this.


i'm currently in university studying photography, and they require Nikon.


I'm making the switch.

Do i need to be frightened? I'm upping to the D300, which is a HUGE difference i've been told, and i held one for 2.3 milliseconds and it was just so pretty... i was pretty sure that i was converted to the dark side, but my prof today said he really wasn't a fan of nikon even though he recommended it - "Simplicity." and its true. anyone who's anyone uses nikon, or so i'm told. But he prefers canon, better colour. even though he owns... bah dum bum... a D300 himself.

Basically I'd love to know what I'm up against.

I definitely need to rob a bank to afford all that i need for this course... and ideas on cheap money savers too??



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