Here we go...
8:06 PM

The latest news... my baby has cancer in his paw. It's a tumor, and it's not worth it to try to operate. He's going on 13, and for a Dachshund, that's gettin' up there. He's been through so much that it's almost laughable it's going to be his paw that'll take him down. From back surgery where we were told he would never walk again, to the first steps and wagging of his tail a few weeks later, to his full recovery... this dog has been through hell and back. But he's strong, and always will be. He's still hopping around the house like always (he never quite got the dexterity in his back legs back, so they move in synch in a cute bunny hop) and loving us the way he has his whole life. My baby has a few more months ahead of him, we hope, and his brother will be by his side the entire way. This will be the first loss of a pet larger than a hamster; I'm not prepared, but we'll deal with it when it comes. For my sweet baby Toto, you've been a girl's best friend and always will be.


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