September, October, November: The Catchup
12:42 AM

So, it's been a very eventful month. We've moved into our house, and just passed the 2 month mark. I know we're fully transitioning into the Holiday spirit, but I thought I'd share October and a touch of November, just to keep the ball rolling. Eventually I'll have -real- photos of the house, but with school being so hectic, I haven't had a chance to make it picture perfect just yet ;)

Having fun with the food prep at Jack Astor's Whitby Bar Competition, November 23rd 2011
Working my own magic in the kitchen (it's getting easier!) and for those of you who know my cooking talents, or lack thereof... this is a big deal. Adam actually uttered the words, "You should cook more often!" I'm holding him to that.
My wonderfully creative (if I do say so myself) Halloween decorations!


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