Fate, 101
3:11 AM

- - - by twistedelements

- - - a photo by twistedelements on Flickr.

I believe in fate.

I may sound incredibly naive, unintelligent, but when it comes down to it.. I strongly hold my cards to the fact that some things just -happen-. And they happen, for specific reasons unknown and uncontrollable by us silly little people folk.

This photo? A fluke, seeing as I was shooting a model and my trigger fired without warning while I was setting up. This is not a planned photo. And yet, I find myself loving it every time I see it. Something about it, the mechanics of the technical environment I spend so much time in, the curl in the edge of the backdrop that looks almost surf-able, the distinct feeling of intrusion upon this moment in time, caught unbeknown to the busy, focused photographer who never really looks down in a scene such as this one; the model is the focus, and it's without second thought that the outcome of the shoot will reflect such. Little did I know, I would love this photograph more than the model on grey that was scheduled into the works.

This is a rant, of sorts, that I'll bring to a close after a paragraph (or two, if I'm feeling relatively vicious). I believe in fate. and That is why, when there are moments in life when I feel the utmost of helplessness a human being can feel, I cling desperately to that small morsel of belief in the back of my mind saying... this will get better, this will change, and everything happens for a reason.

I am currently feeling helpless.
If anyone possesses the solution to a life of unhappiness, struggle and loneliness, I would love to rent a copy.

I am feeling helpless, and selfish, in that my own life is calm, cool, collected and comfortable, while others struggle to maintain a simple smile on their face as their days merge into a tango from hell, unable to sit out and come back in when the timing is right.

So here I sit, content and happy, but restless to find help for those who can't seem to tap out of their struggles.

If you've got the recipe, let me know.


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