The week is essentially over.

We shot 4x5's in this morning's photography lab, and I believe mine turned out ok.... we'll see! It's exciting to anticipate the results but mildly life-threatening considering we have one shot at getting an ok image. Fingers are perpetually crossed.

The Completed Works (in no particular order)

  • Visual Journals from hell (actually an interesting assignment, but handwriting them out gave me a greater appreciation of the wonderful invention that is my macbook keyboard.
  • Ethics essay (an analysis of an advertisment. don't do drugs, kids. and if you do, make sure you look hot while doing so.)
  • Kensington layout (a marketplace assignment for photog)
  • Architecture assignment (see photo. yay for my latest obsession with black and whites.)
  • Film essay (10 pages of Blade Runner goodness that hopefully has broken my ties with that movie for good)
Upcoming Headaches
  • CTC essay on Time and Culture (whattabitch.)
  • Visual Comm exam (take home)
  • Ethics exam (take home)
  • Film exam
  • Photography exam (date unknown. horray, geronimo - you done good. not.)
  • CTC exam (in the middle of buttfuck nowhere on my calender, a week after i've moved out, at 7pm off campus. this is oodles of unceccesary.)
  • MOVING OUT (In a week and half. how I fit my life into my 10x10 box is beyond me, but I now have to try to get it all back to Oshawa in one piece. FML.)
  • Back to Jack's (hostessing my way to the top for yet another summer.)

I suddenly have the urge to jump up and begin screaming, running around like wacko jacko in an attempts to achieve some productivity in this waste of a class. why I bother to come is beyond me.

William's fake horrible iced caps FTW!


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