New layout, and 100th post!
11:05 PM

Really, when I think about it, 100 posts isn't a lot at all. But this is the first hundred of many hundreds, and it'd be a shame to watch it pass without acknowledging the triple digit milestone.

And while we're acknowledging things, lookit the new layout! I was loving the minimalist theme from before, but craving some sidebars and better functionality. The header is a work in progress, as are some other tweaks and twerks, but for now I'm pretty satisfied. Now all I need are a couple hundred followers to go with my hundred posts.... ;)

Gluten-free check in: Ending day 4, and loving the lack of 2pm crash I'm so used to. I feel like I have way more energy already. The downside? Meal planning. No longer can I grab a granola bar on the go (I'm looking into recipes for homemade ones with dried fruit and oats, WHICH I can have in moderation) or make a quick sandwich. This takes work! But so far, so good.


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