11:22 PM

consider this the update to end all updates, seeing as i've been cheating on blogger with Tumblr.

...what can i say!? she's prettier and does more for me and all around is just.... easier. ;)

i've met a boy.
and oh lord, i hate hate hate talking about it because then it jinx's it.
but he's different.
and amazing.
and he remember's anniversaries.
and he doesn't mind waiting.
and he puts up with my craziness.
and he brings me flowers at work.
and he drives all the way to oshawa from whitby, albeit complaining the whole way, to see me or pick me up.
he drunk texts me adorable things.
and he changes his life plans simply because he now has something to stick around for.

his smile makes me weak.
his hand on the small of my back gives me goosebumps.
his embarrassed glance attacks my heart,
and his hand in mine gives me more hope then i've ever felt before.

it's been a month.
and because he doesn't read this... i can say it.

i'm falling for you.

i'd go anywhere for you.

and i dont know what i've done to deserve you, but this time... it just feels right.

this is a ballad of the newly reformed cynical lover.
who now believes in those butterflies and those skips in heartbeats.

also: RIP John Hughes. epic sadface.


retro_rose said...

That is just adorable! I'm happy for you!! :o)

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