his and her closets
1:40 AM

beginning to evaluate who is in my life right now.

who counts,
who i thought counted, and has either a) let me down, or b) i've let down,
who is floundering and at risk of disappearing if i don't hold on tight,
who i miss. incredibly.
who no longer counts.

i'm starting to run into strong forces breaking my faith in people.
i put far too much faith in people to begin with.
and it's all unraveling.

the result: ultimate disappointment.

but seriously folks. two days off from jack's should do me some good, and return to my normal non-food related scent.


retro_rose said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this point. It's not an easy one, but I think a lot of us do it at certain times in our lives. As life changes and we all go new directions, it's hard to keep in touch with those who once were so close.

If they're dear to you, don't let go.

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